Test hood with rough flame design.This section recieved a painted blue pinstrip.Some metallic base colors, some Kandy colors, and some pearls. The metallic section.Kandies over a dusted outer edge.Lighter and darker Kandy's over a filled in metallic.Last, some left over violet pearl from a past job dusted around the outer edge.Ready for the customer to view. He picked the violet pearl.
Larger panels help when tring to pick a color. Never choose a color from a small chip or sample and without seeing it indoors and out. Light has a huge factor on color apperance and sparkle!
1962 Impala Test Hood
1962 Impala Flame Layout and Paint
This 1962 Impala was brought to us from another restoration shop for this flame job. It made layout and painting slightly harder due to the parts being on a cart. Some extra steps were needed to complete this job. Also a wing and a prayer to hope all the body lanes and graphics will line up when put back onto the body shell!
1962 Impala Polish and Assembly
Great body work and prep are key to a great finish. Imperfections in body work can NOT be removed by polish and buff!!
1962 Impala
Flame Layout

Complete project from start to finish. From test panels, to layout, color, clear-coat, and polishing. These photos show the steps it takes for a flame job!
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Click on any photo for Larger views